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 What's so SPECIAL about the ingredients? 

ARNICA OIL - A powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Also used to reduce bruising.

PEPPERMINT OIL - Used to soothe and relax muscles. Soothes headaches. Can help to improve circulation.

GINGER OIL - Has long been used in traditional and medical practices to decrease inflammation and relieve pain due to headaches and arthritis.

LAVENDER OIL - Has natural antiseptic and anti - inflammatory properties. Soothes headaches and is known to reduce stress.

DEVIL'S CLAW EXTRACT - A potent anti - inflammatory and analgesic. Used to treat Rheumatism and headaches.

LEMON OIL - A proven antioxidant. It is known to lift mental fatigue and reduce stress.

CAYENNE EXTRACT - Enhances blood flow and is used to reduce arthritic pain.

GRAPESEED OIL - Possesses regenerative and cell - restucturing properties. Light oil with a fast skin absorption rate.

EMU OIL - Highly penetrating. Rich in Omega 3. Anti - inflammatory, known to reduce pain, bruising, swelling and stiffness.