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Mr. William Anthony Russell (Tony Russell) is the CEO and Founder of Fluid Motion Research, LLC; as well as the inventor of the Move Easy Pain Relief™ Formula and creator of MyRoma Products.


Mr. Russell has a very personal understanding of physical disability, chronic pain and the dangers of pharmaceutical medications. He's experienced first hand, what the often difficult road to recovery feels like and also the devastation it can and does cause for many.


After suffering a career ending accident at work in December 2000, he eventually had to have spinal fusion and decompression surgery. Along this journey, he developed a sincere passion to help himself and others with their road to recovery and their solutions for PAIN RELIEF.



Mr. Russell was introduced to the world of aromatherapy in 2001. Having experienced positive effects himself, he took on a strong interest and was highly enthusiastic about it.



In 2004, he founded MyRoma Products, Inc. and opened a store in West Long Branch, NJ. "MyRoma" offered a variety of aromatherapy based, skin care products and candles. As the demand increased and to make the products easily accessible to everyone, Mr. Russell made the decision to move the company from a local building to the worldwide web.



Mr. Russell’s attention was again soon captured. Understanding that nature offered comparable benefits regarding pain relief, the market was still overwhelmingly dominated by expensive pharmaceutical medications. Some helpful, but others with potentially life threatening side effects. Realizing that millions of people around the globe had similar concerns, he diligently began searching for drug-free methods. Ones that would help to improve the body's own healing systems, without the dangerous side effects. 


Convinced that the use of natural ingredients could produce superior and safer products, his desire to learn more about PAIN RELIEF and how to reduce its effects, grew stronger.



A tireless quest began to identify all-natural ingredients that would reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Many combinations were tried and studied. Finally, after seemingly endless months of research, extensive testing and elimination, the formula was narrowed down to 9 of nature's most powerful and effective pain fighters.



Since 2007, this “secret formula” Mr. Russell invented has helped a countless number of pain sufferers. This formula is what’s known today as: Move Easy Pain Relief™ which is available online at



In August 2013, Mr. Russell founded the new parent company, Fluid Motion Research, LLC.


The company's vision forward, is to focus on advanced pain relief research and chemical-free solutions for all who deal with pain related issues.



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