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In the Fall of 1980, I was diagnosed with “Systemic Lupus Erythematosus” (SLE), a chronic inflammatory disease which attacks all of the major organs in the body – such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, etc.

SLE is incurable, but can be controlled by medication. Sometimes it can be very painful, affecting the joints and muscle tissue, causing them to be inflamed and swollen, even painful to the touch. SLE can cause seizures also and you must avoid being exposed to sunlight.

But, it was in 1975 when I for the first time in my life experienced a “grand mal” seizure; while I was driving! I was transported to the hospital and had blood tests taken. Because my red cell and white cell counts were very low, I was told to see my doctor the next day and was released. Later that same day, I experienced another grand mal seizure. This time I was taken to the hospital and admitted. Despite a high fever, low red and very low white blood counts; the tests came back negative. So, I was treated for an “unknown” virus.

This went on for 5 years, until 1980 when I awoke with “severe” pain all over my body. I couldn’t move or walk without feeling severe pain! My doctor again admitted me into the hospital to be tested. This time I was given a brain scan (EEG), an EKG along with more extensive blood work. At first the doctors thought that I was having “epileptic seizures”, but testing proved that to be negative also. So, again I was sent home to take prescription medication. I was given Phenobarbital to control my seizures, along with Tylenol and Arthropan to control the pain.

About 3 weeks later, my doctor called and told me that they finally found that I had “Systemic Lupus”. At the time, this was not a well-known disorder and sufferers were often misdiagnosed. Once more, I was admitted into the hospital to be treated and thoroughly tested; not knowing that I was only given 5 years to live! My white blood count was down to 1.2. To this day, it is regularly 2.5 or lower, which very confusing to my doctor, because I’ve only been hospitalized once in the past 12 years. Although I do feel blessed, every day I still deal with the affects and pain caused by Lupus…

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Mrs. C. Russell



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