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Kim's Story 

I am a woman, 39 years young who has been dealing with chronic pain for 12 years on different levels throughout my entire body.  I have been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy also known as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome), Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which have affected my body from my nerves to my muscles to my joints.  Unfortunately there’s no cure for any of these, which makes the fight for some type of decent lifestyle long and hard. 


Physicians ranging from general practitioners to specialists with no avail in pain relief have treated me over the years.  I’ve taken all sorts of medications in effort to relieve pain and stiffness from NSAIDs to narcotics (i.e.: Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, Gold Injections, Dilaudid, Steroids, Elavil, Diazepam, Zanaflex, Baclofen, Vicodin, Toradol, Pamelor, Celebrex, Chemotherapy, Paxil…) just to name a few.  I’ve also taken different forms of rehabilitation like Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Aquatic and Massage Therapy.  All of this and still no resolve to the pain let alone the constant lack of improvement in my daily living.


After years of suffering I was finally introduced to 'Move Easy Pain Relief' about a month ago.  Due to the track record I’ve had with prior treatments, I wasn’t easily convinced that this would help and honestly didn’t think to try it. My meds were strong enough, so my question was, "how could something all natural be more effective than those?" I knew it couldn't hurt, so I decided to give a go. 

The instructions were easy since all I had to do was just rub it in the area(s) of pain. Testing a small area, within five minutes I noticed something!  I thought this “something” was in my head so I applied it to a larger area on my body and received the same result five minutes later.  I experienced a warm and cozy sensation in the areas applied.  It had a pleasant scent that lasted for about 15 minutes, so I was able to wear my normal fragrances without interference.  Also, after massaging it in, there was no residue left on my skin and therefore, no worry about staining my clothes.  I was able to use it at any time, as often as I desired even right after taking a shower.


I’m very happy to have joined the Move Easy Family and report that it is just what it says: “The new solution for pain relief.”  I can only wish this product was around years ago when my body was first attacked with chronic pain.  I’ll continue to share with everyone I know to try this miraculous pain reliever as well as encourage even the greatest skeptics (like myself) to give it a try. 

In my own words, This stuff works!


Kim S., Willingboro, New Jersey                                                                         



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